Offbeat Islands offers self-guided active and cultural adventures to unspoiled islands across the globe

Neilaka, Banda Islands, Maluku, Indonesia

World most flamboyant cultures and best diving sites, remote islands and volcanoes

Papua New Guinea, Raja Ampat & Maluku (Indonesia) and island hopping in the Philippines

Famous and spectular view from Reinebringen, Moskenes, Lofoten itinerary, Norway

Jagged peaks, remote beaches, deep fjords and picturesque colourful fishing villages

The Norwegian arctic islands of Senja, Vesterålen and Lofoten

Cliffs ar St Ninians, Orkney itinerary, Scotland, UK

Ancient ruins, spectacular cliffs and one of the largest sea bird colonies in the UK

Orkney & Shetland, most northern Scottish islands

Harbour view on Korissia, Kea itinerary, Cyclads, Greece

Beautiful coves, historic sites and hidden beaches, a mountainous interior with magnificent views to the other islands

Unspoiled verdant Kea, a hidden gem in the Greek Cyclades archipelago

Cirque de Mafate, Réunion

A hiking paradise, a unique French & Creole culture, nice beaches and active volcanoes

Réunion, is one of the Indian Ocean's last great island adventures (Lonely Planet)


Remote islands, spectacular cliffs, a wildlife paradise, extraordinary ice landscapes, "trip to the end of the world" & mystic Rapa Nui

The Falklands, South Georgia & the Antartican Peninsula, and the Juan Fernández archipelago, Easter Island and Carretera Austral


Who is Offbeat Islands

Offbeat Islands is a small-sized, reliable tour operator priding itself on personal contact as the key to giving you the unique holiday experience that you always wanted to plan one day, but never had the time to. We are the only tour operator that offers trips to less travelled islands across the globe. We can take you to the unspoiled spots where few tourists go; the areas you can’t find in a guide book; hence you can fully take in their distinct culture and combination of sea, cliffs, wildlife and mountains. We have 10 different destinations spread over various continents, composed in 29 itineraries, on offer. Each year we will add more destinations, but please feel free to reach out if your desired offbeat island is missing or you would like to alter the set itineraries.

The company was created by Ebo Visser, a passionate traveller. Wanderlust inspires him, keeps him young at heart and creates a rollercoaster of happy impulses by connecting to local people, travellers and nature everywhere in the world. Over the last 20 years he has travelled the planet extensively and encouraged friends and family to explore the beauty that the world has to offer. Ebo worked as a finance director in various industries like Travel, Engineering, Telecoms, Energy and Sports, but decided to follow his heart by setting up Offbeat Islands, in which he could share his passion, experience, energy and positiveness via the various trips offered.

Are you dreaming of an alternative to mainstream destinations? Let Offbeat Islands do the organising for you so you can just relax and enjoy your next adventure.

Ebo Visser, Offbeat Islands, Kea, Greece
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Offbeat Islands | Breathtaking adventures to unspoiled islands

What is Offbeat Islands

Most popular itineraries


Papua New Guinea Milne Bay & New Ireland itinerary – 22 days

Papua New Guinea is another world. Tourism is still at such a low scale that you could end up not seeing dimdim ("white people") during the majority of your trip. It is a country with a rich diverse fascinating culture, home to 800 distinct languages. During the festivals you could see this diversity in all it's glamour but it is probably more rewarding to see the colourfully decorated tribes and clans in their own traditional habi