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Falklands, South Georgia & Antartica itinerary – 24 days

“Antartica is so remote, you really feel to be at the end of the world, better to say another world. Ice walls hundreds meters high. Wildlife rules here. We were in a zodiac when a humpback wale jumped out of the water, only 50 meters away. So magical, although I cannot find the word how to describe this really.”

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Patiperra TravelsKayaking at Dorian Bay, Antarctic Peninsula, vessel Plancius
Magellanic Penguins, Falkland Islands

Offbeat Islands and Patiperra Travels offer this ultimate Falklands, South Georgia & Antartica itinerary to remote islands, wildlife paradise and extraordinary landscapes. This trip to the magical seventh continent, a ruggedly beautiful landscape, one of the last untamed areas on Earth, with amazingly varied wildlife in their unique habitat, far away from the masses, beautiful ice sculptures, ice walls of a few hundred meters high, voyages through outer world sea channels.

The Falkland (Malvinas) Islands offer an abundance of wildlife that is easily approachable, though caution is always advised. These islands are largely unknown gems, the site of a 1982 war between the UK and Argentina. Not only do various species of bird live here, but chances are great you’ll see both Peale’s dolphins and Commerson’s dolphins in the surrounding waters.

The weather conditions in South Georgia area can be challenging, largely dictating the program. Depending on these conditions you could visit Prion Island with wandering albatross, and Fortuna Bay, near beaches inhabited by various penguins and seals, you have the chance to follow the final leg of Shackleton’s route to the abandoned whaling village of Stromness. Salisbury Plain, St. Andrews Bay and Gold Harbour are home to the three largest king penguin colonies in South Georgia, they’re also three of the world’s largest breeding beaches for Antarctic fur seals. Finally you could visit Grytviken, the abandoned whaling station. King penguins walk the streets and elephant seals lie around like they own the place – because they basically do. Here you might be able to see the South Georgia Museum as well as Shackleton’s grave.

Depending on the conditions, you might visit Orcadas Base, an Argentine scientific station on Laurie Island in the South Orkney archipelago. The personnel here will happily show you their facility, where you can enjoy expansive views of the surrounding glaciers. If a visit isn’t possible, you may instead land in Coronation Island’s Shingle Cove.

If the ice conditions permit, you now sail into the Weddell Sea. Here colossal tabular icebergs herald your arrival to the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula. Paulet Island, with its large population of Adélie penguins, is a possible stop. You might also visit Brown Bluff, located in the ice-clogged Antarctic Sound, where you could get the chance to set foot on the Antarctic Continent itself. If conditions aren’t favorable to enter the Weddell Sea from the east, the ship will set course for Elephant Island and head into the Bransfield Strait, between South Shetland Island and the Antarctic Peninsula. Here you can attempt to access the Antarctic Sound from the northwest.

The breathtaking scenery continues in the southern Gerlache Strait, and if ice conditions allow, we may even reach Lemaire Channel. Conditions on the Drake Passage determine the exact time of departure. We finally cross the notorious Drake Passage. This grand adventure in this Falklands, South Georgia & Antartica itinerary must eventually come to an end.

What is active

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What is active

  • up to 25% easy; only short hikes or other activities for a few days of the itinerary; no special fitness required
  • 25% – 50% basic; Activities up to 2 hours every other day; average fitness level expected
  • 50% – 75% medium; daily exercise between 2 and 4 hours; good fitness required
  • 75% – 100% challenging; daily activities between 4 and 6 hours, a few days full-day hikes in hard terrain; excellent fitness required

What is cultural

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What is cultural

  • up to 25% low; old remains at the destination are rare; low number of cultural activities and local exchange
  • 25% – 50% basic; some historical sites at the destination, average cultural activities and local exchange
  • 50% – 75% medium; adequate number of historical places, cultural activities and local exchange
  • 75% – 100% intense; abundant historical sites, cultural activities and local exchange
Drygalski Fjord_Aboard Plancius

Itinerary per day

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Offbeat meter

What is the level of this itinerary

  • 0% – 25%; Tourism: hardly any tourists; Infrastructure: most roads are unpaved / bad roads. Facilities: very simple accommodation, no shower / bucket, latrine
  • 25% – 50%; Tourism: mainly local tourism; Infrastructure: majority of unpaved roads, but in fairly good condition; Facilities: simple accommodation, bucket shower, no flushing toilets
  • 50% – 75%; Tourism: tourism services available but not fully used; Infrastructure: good balance on paved and unpaved roads; Facilities: comfortable beds, toilet flushing and shower
  • 75% – 100%; Tourism: touristic, local life influenced; Infrastructure: most of the roads are paved. Facilities: additional facilities in accommodation such as swimming pool, terrace, bar



from € 12,699,-

What is comfort

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What is comfort

  • Accommodation is based on twin or double room in hotels or guesthouses with private bathroom. By default no kitchen facility.
  • Rental cars are compact size class with basic insurance.

Available dates

  • November 29 – December 22 2020

  • December 17 – January 9 2021

  • January 14 – February 6 2021

What is included

  • Accommodation for 21 nights with breakfast

  • Return flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

  • Expedition includes in addition:

    • Voyage aboard the indicated vessel as indicated in the itinerary
    • All meals throughout the voyage aboard the ship including snacks, coffee and tea.
    • All shore excursions and activities throughout the voyage by Zodiac.
    • Program of lectures by noted naturalists and leadership by experienced expedition staff.
    • Free use of rubber boots and snowshoes.
    • Luggage transfer from pick-up point to the vessel on the day of embarkation, in Ushuaia.
    • Pre-scheduled group transfer from the vessel to the airport in Ushuaia (directly after disembarkation).
    • All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the programme.
    • Comprehensive pre-departure material.

What is not included

  • Flights to and out of Buenos Aires

  • The customary gratuity at the end of the expedition for stewards and other service personnel aboard (guidelines will be provided).

  • Meals, snacks and drinks outside the expedition (specifically stated when included)

  • All prices are based on 2 people minimum hence single supplement on accommodation & rental car

  • Booking fee of EUR 30

  • Mandatory contribution of EUR 15 per booking to Guarantee Fund GGTO

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