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Maluku & Raja Ampat itinerary – 21 days

“The remoteness of the Banda Islands is a delight. Apart from the biweekly boat passengers, we did not see any tourists during our 5 day stay on various breathtaking islands. The turquoise water is so clear, you don’t need to snorkel or dive to see the coral gardens and beautifully coloured fish. The people on the islands are so enthusiastic, it is clear that tourism is still here in the very early stages

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Banda Islands, Maluku, Indonesia
Friwen, Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia

This Maluku & Raja Ampat itinerary of 21 days in the remote eastern corner of Indonesia is home to one of the best diving & snorkelling sites in the world. It hosts pristine white sandy beaches and relics from the 16th century Dutch colonial past. Banda is a foodies heaven with dishes celebrating the unique, once endemic, spices of nutmeg, cloves, pepper and mace and coupled with the local people’s genuine warmth you can expect a great welcome to this island paradise.

The 21-day itinerary starts on Raja Ampat, in Indonesian Papua which hosts one of the biggest diversities of marine life in the world. Whether you are snorkelling or diving, you will see vibrantly coloured fish and coral gardens. The archipelago is ideal for island hopping to unspoiled beaches and reefs. You have the option for a trip to the famous viewpoint at Pianemo. A boat trip to Frewen is included, where the snorkelling is spectacular or you can just relax in the blue crystal water or enjoy the peaceful beach. Your accommodation is close to a traditional village which is a short stroll away.

The Banda Islands, known as the Spice islands, are the most remote of the Maluku archipelago, due to their accessibility for only a few months of the year. A biweekly 6 hour ferry ride from Kota Ambon takes you to the regional capital of Bandaneira. The archipelago houses ten very picturesque islands; ideal for island hopping. You will visit six islands of paradise on your trip, of which three will include an overnight stay. Apart from the central Pulau Banda, you will stay on the secluded islands of Ay and Hatta. Here  you have ample time to experience island life and in most cases you can snorkel in colourful reefs just off the beach. The itinerary also includes a nutmeg plantation & historical tour to Banda Besar and a cooking workshop where you can sample the local cuisine made with the once endemic spices.
Pulau Rhun is the most remote island of Banda and was the only place where the common nutmeg and mace grew. Nearly all inhabitants of Pulau Rhun, currently a small peaceful island, were killed by the Dutch in 1621 to exploit the nutmeg and they were replaced by slaves and prisoners. Just before this massacre, the English controlled it for some years and after long negotiations with the Dutch they exchanged it with an insignificant island in North America called Manhattan. Not a bad deal as it seems now.
The last island group in this Maluku & Raja Ampat itinerary are the Kei Islands. Even more isolated than Banda, but easier to access due to a reliable daily flight schedule. You will visit the main islands Kei Kecil and Besar which is home to one of the best beaches in Indonesia. You will explore Kei Kecil by motor scooter. Mountainous Kei Besar is ideal for hiking as well as visiting beautiful old traditional villages.

What is active

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What is active

  • up to 25% easy; only short hikes or other activities for a few days of the itinerary; no special fitness required
  • 25% – 50% basic; Activities up to 2 hours every other day; average fitness level expected
  • 50% – 75% medium; daily exercise between 2 and 4 hours; good fitness required
  • 75% – 100% challenging; daily activities between 4 and 6 hours, a few days full-day hikes in hard terrain; excellent fitness required

What is cultural

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What is cultural

  • up to 25% low; old remains at the destination are rare; low number of cultural activities and local exchange
  • 25% – 50% basic; some historical sites at the destination, average cultural activities and local exchange
  • 50% – 75% medium; adequate number of historical places, cultural activities and local exchange
  • 75% – 100% intense; abundant historical sites, cultural activities and local exchange
Banda Islands, Maluku, Indonesia

Itinerary per day

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Offbeat meter

What is the level of this itinerary

  • 0% – 25%; Tourism: hardly any tourists; Infrastructure: most roads are unpaved / bad roads. Facilities: very simple accommodation, no shower / bucket, latrine
  • 25% – 50%; Tourism: mainly local tourism; Infrastructure: majority of unpaved roads, but in fairly good condition; Facilities: simple accommodation, bucket shower, no flushing toilets
  • 50% – 75%; Tourism: tourism services available but not fully used; Infrastructure: good balance on paved and unpaved roads; Facilities: comfortable beds, toilet flushing and shower
  • 75% – 100%; Tourism: touristic, local life influenced; Infrastructure: most of the roads are paved. Facilities: additional facilities in accommodation such as swimming pool, terrace, bar



from € 1,999,-

What is comfort

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What is comfort

  • Accommodation is based on twin or double room in hotels or guesthouses with private bathroom. By default no kitchen facility.
  • Rental cars are compact size class with basic insurance.

Available dates

  • Departures are on Saturdays and between October – December and March – May, giving the fast ferry schedule to the Banda Islands

What is included

  • Accommodation for 17 nights, all include breakfast

  • Local flights from Jakarta to Sorong, Sorong to Kota Ambon, Kota Ambon to Tual on the Kei Islands (round trip), and Kota Ambon to Jakarta

  • Full board 3 nights on Raja Ampat, 3 nights on Kei Islands, 2 nights on Pulau Ay and 2 nights on Hatta

  • Cook workshop celebrating the local spices on Pulau Banda

  • Nutmeg and historical tour to Banda Besar

  • Island hopping trip on Raja Ampat to Frewen wall and beach

  • Island hopping trips on the Banda Islands to Pulau Rhun, Neilaka, and Ay

  • Motor scooter hire for 1 day on Kei Kecil

What is not included

  • Flights to and out of Jakarta

  • All other meals, snacks and drinks (specifically stated when included)

  • Ferry round trip from Sorong to Waigeo at Raja Ampat, Langgur to Elat (Kei Islands) and Tulehu (Pulau Ambon) to Bandaneira (Pulau Banda), Pulau Ay to Bandaneira (one way) and Hatta to Bandaneira (total costs to be paid locally around IDR 1.2M = EUR 70)

  • Park entry Raja Ampat IDR 1M = EUR 65

  • All prices are based on 2 people minimum hence single supplement on accommodation and some activities

  • Booking fee of EUR 30

  • Mandatory contribution of EUR 15 per booking to Guarantee Fund GGTO

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Carbon footprint

CO2 emissions in tons for this itinerary excluding in- and outbound flight
Compensation in number of trees for this itinerary excluding in- and outbound flight
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